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Graham "CLARKIE" Clark

Likes: getting wet on hot days, gangster movies, pizza and ice cream

Dislikes: getting wet on cold days, horror movies, vegetables

Interesting fact: I can juggle fire clubs

Qualifications: Paddle Sport Leader, Sheltered Water Coach and First Aid

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Dan "WESTGATE" Westgate

Likes: Playboating and learning new tricks

Dislikes: capsizing and going for a swim

Interesting fact: I’ve completed bronze, silver and gold DofE

Qualifications: Paddle Sport Leader, Paddle Sport Instructor, White Water Award, Whitewater Safety and Rescue, Foundation Safety and Rescue and First Aid

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Peter "DOUBLE TAP" Richards

Likes: Having fun & learning on the water – bank launching, walking the raft, white water, even rolling!

Dislikes: Not having fun. Others not safely enjoying the water.

Interesting fact: My first experience of the river and canoes was on the African Congo River, it was the only real way to go places, the main highway. My family escaped the Congo revolution in open dugout canoes when I was 6/7. Loved canoeing ever since, who wouldn’t.

Qualifications: Paddle Sport Leader, Whitewater Award, Whitewater Safety and Rescue, First Aid and Foundation Safety and Rescue

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Mark "MARK" Packer

Likes: Guitar and social paddles.

Dislikes: Chinese food.

Interesting fact: Coming soon….

Qualifications: Paddle Sport Leader and FSRT

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Henry "THE ADMIRAL" Austin BEM

Likes: Using my practical skills to improve the facilities at the WAC in support of the water activities for the benefit of Young People

Dislikes: Getting Wet

Interesting fact: As a teenage member of BB I built a 2 seater wood and canvas canoe (shows how long ago that was!!!). I remember being in it whilst at BB camp at White Cliff Bay I.O.W and being chucked out of it in the surf.
Joining BB led me to a lifetime of missionary service through the many roles I have had working with, and for, young people. The following quote sums up the importance of the work we do:
“PRIORITIES – In 100 years’ time nobody will care how much money you earned, but the world may be different because you were important in the life of a child”

Qualifications: N/A

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Peter "PETE" Robus

Likes: Journeying by foot, canoe, kayak, canal boat & car. Drinking hot chocolate

Dislikes: Being outside in the cold & wet. Drinking soup

Interesting fact:

Qualifications: Paddle Sport Leader, Paddle Sport Instructor, First Aid

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Catherine "CAT" Clark

Likes: Rocks! (She’s a Geologist), remote hill tops, sausages and adventures.

Dislikes: Rain, wet feet, being hangry.

Interesting fact: I’ve visited over 40 country’s and have spent a night in a self built snow cave

Qualifications: Paddle Sport Leader and First Aid

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    MR DRY

Sammy "MR DRY" Deans

Likes: Cream Crackers with cheese

Dislikes: Missing out on things

Interesting fact: I am a Ski Instructor

Qualifications: Coach (Canoe, Kayak and Paddleboard) White Water Award Provider, Foundation Safety and Rescue Award Provider

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Joe "THE GEEK" Lower

Likes: Being on the water, staying dry, family time, keeping busy

Dislikes: Getting cold and wet

Interesting fact: I used to own an ice sculpting business

Qualifications: Two Star, First Aid